Looking for a Coworking Space in Milan city center? Cowo® Milano Duomo is the solution for you!


All you need to know about our workspace: a cozy Coworking Space in Milan city center. Read below, then contact us for a visit – we can’t wait to welcome you!

Where is Cowo® Milano Duomo?

You can find us in Piazza San Sepolcro 2, in Ellequadra’s studio.

It’s a great location: right in the city center. You can reach our place in complete comfort thanks to the close subway stops MM1 red line Cordusio and Duomo, or thanks to tramway lines 2,3 and 14’s connections, or else you can approach by car and bike sharing next to your door.

If you’re just passing by Milan – due to work or as a pleasure – that’s the perfect location to stop to work and enjoy the city at the same time, walking down Via Torino or reaching Piazza Duomo on foot.

What are the Coworking rates?

Our offer includes different kinds of desk.

  1. Workstation Smart – it consists in a desk being part of a big, shared table;
  2. Workstation Pro – it consists in a dedicated and exclusive desk.

Prices are weighted on freelancers or teams’ needs.
Plus, a meeting room that can be dedicated to formation as well is available.

Cowo Community - Coworking Milano DuomoCoworking Milano Duomo - Interno Area relaqx del Coworking Milano Duomo

Are you on your own?

You can choose between: WORKSTATION SMART – SINGLE use; WORKSTATION PRO; Workstation OneDay for a DAILY use or 10-DAY PASS.

Desk included in a 6-place table cm 360 x 160; individual space cm 120 x 80 + lockable drawer. Dedicated and exclusive desk big size cm 160 x 80 in two-desk composed isle + lockable drawer; possibility to combine two symmetrical workstations. Desk available for the day.
The package, valid for the use of 10 days, lasts 3 months from the date of purchase.
  • Price per day: 30€ + vat
  • Price per month: 225€ + vat
  • Three-month price: 625€ + vat (price per month 208,33€ + vat)
  • Biannual price: 1.195€ + vat (price per month 199€ + vat)
  • Price per day: 35€ + vat
  • Price per month: 275€ + vat
  • Three-month price: 775€ + vat (price per month 258€ + vat)
  • Biennial price: 1.475€ + vat (price per month 247,50€ + vat)
  • Package price of 10 days, valid 3 months from the date of purchase: 250€ + vat
  • Daily price (single day): 30€ + vat

Do you have a startup or do you work with a colleague?

We have two proposals just for you: WORKSTATION SMART – STARTUP 6 freelancers use or WORKSTATION SMART – TEAM 2 freelancers use.

STARTUP 6 freelancers use
TEAM 2 freelancers use
Exclusive use of an entire 360 x 160 cm table available in a dedicated open space; including 6 drawer units with key; possibility of extension to 8 professionals (quotation on request). Desk for two professionals on a large shared 6-seater table measuring 360 x 160 cm in a side by side or opposite each other; individual workspace 120 x 80 cm each + 2 drawer units with key.
  • Price per month: 1.090€ + vat (price per month each person 181,66€ + vat)
  • Three-month price: 3.090€ + VAT (price per month each person 171,66€ + vat)
  • Biennial price: 5.990€ + vat (monthly cost 166,38€ + vat)
  • Price per month: 390€ + vat (price per month each person 195€ + vat)
  • Three-month price: 1.090€ + vat (price per month each person 181,66€ + vat)
  • Six-month price: 2.100€ + vat (price per month 175€ + vat)

Do you need a meeting room?

Ours is really cozy and functional: it can accommodate 10 people and includes a projector.

riuniomne @ Coworking Milano Duomo

Meeting room Coworking Milano Duomo Sala riunioni Coworking Milano Duomo

It can be used with flexible modes, in order to satisfy every kind of need: you can use it for 1 hour, 3 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, only paying the cost related to the time of use or, if you think you may need it often, you can buy a 10 or 20-hour carnet.

Prices for external customers:

  • 1 hour: 34€ + vat
  • 4 hours: 110€ + vat
  • Full day, 9am-7pm: 185€ + vat
  • 5-hour pack (duration 2 months from the date of purchase): 130€ + vat
  • 10-hour pack (duration 4 months from the date of purchase): 220€ + vat
  • 20-hour pack (duration 6 months from the date of purchase): 360€ + vat
  • Coffee break (coffee, biscuits, water), per person: 4,50 € + vat

Prices for resident Coworkers:

  • 5-hour pack (duration 2 months from the date of purchase): 50€ + vat
  • 10-hour package (duration 4 months from the date of purchase): 80€ + vat
  • Package 20-hour pack (duration 6 months from the date of purchase): 140€ + vat
Do you need a room to set up a training session?

Courses, coaching sessions, team bulding: our meeting room can be set up as a training room.

Equipped with the most advanced professional supports for video projection, it has an optimal setting to put those who follow the course in the best conditions to carry out the required activities.

It is adequately lit and equipped with autonomous air conditioning system, so as to offer the ideal climate for any use, in all seasons.

The price varies according to the duration of the courses and the number of participants (the capacity is 12 people plus the teacher) ask for a personalized quotation.

Which services are included in the rates?

In addition to your workstation you will have at your disposal:

  • fast internet connection via WiFi or network cable;
  • air conditioning and heating;
  • plugs;
  • scanner;
  • regular cleaning service;
  • use of the relax area equipped with microwave and refrigerator.

Spazio cucina al Coworking Milano Duomo

What services are available, but not included in the rates?


  • Line activation (monthly cost): 25€ + vat
  • Security deposit on activation: 100€.


  • Italy Telecom fixed network: Rate to be verified according to the updated price list
  • Italy mobile network Tim, Vodafone, Wind: Rate to be verified according to the updated price list
  • Italy mobile network H3G: Rate to be verified according to the updated price list
    NB: No click on the answer


  • Black and white photocopies: 0,10€ + vat
  • Black and white prints: 0,10€ + vat
  • Colour photocopies: 0,40€ + vat
  • Colour prints: 0,40€ + vat
  • Scans: Free


  • Spiral print collating: from 2€ + vat to 5€ + vat
  • Secretarial support (15 minutes forms): 15€ + vat
  • Personal locker 90×90 cm for documents and materials, per month: 15€ + vat


  • Coffee: 0,61€ + vat
  • Natural and sparkling water – small bottle of 0,5 lt: 0,55€ + vat
  • Natural and sparkling water – large bottle of 1,5 lt: 1,30€ + vat

Why choose us our Coworking space in Milan city center?

For the location: close to Piazza Duomo and very convenient to reach by public transport. For the comfortable workstations. For the comfort of the meeting and training room. For the pleasure of doing business in a historic Milanese building. For working in contact with a team of administrative consultants. For the passion with which we have been doing Coworking since 2010.

If you are still not convinced, let’s leave the word to some of our Cowokers.

Ed Tyrrel – Rating 5 out of 5

I was lucky enough to work at this space for a few months. Besides the fact that it is in a fantastic area and very easy to reach, and that the office itself is very nice and well maintained, the people who work there are very good and very helpful. You can work them well because the environment is professional but at the same time friendly and the spaces are large and comfortable.

Mick D’Amore – Rating 5 out of 5

My experience of coworking in this studio, for over three years, is very positive having the advantage of being in a multidisciplinary environment and, at the same time, of being able to practice my profession independently. Moreover, its location is perfect both for my travels and for the target of my clients. So what can I say… no flaws, only merits!!!!

Who are the Cowo® Managers?

We’re Laura Sordelli and Loan Truong, Ellequadra Studio’s partners – specialized in marks and freelancer’s accounting, administrative, commercial and fiscal management. We’ve been in the Coworking field for ten years now.